Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cake Boss

Devin is the cake man around here.  I like eating cake, but he likes decorating them.  It's just another one of the small things that make our relationship magical.

For their birthday parties, Hallie requested a Cinderella cake, and Hanna requested an Ariel cake.

Which was crazy, because Hallie's favorite princess is Ariel and Hanna's favorite is usually Cinderella.  Go figure...

Anyway, frosting bag in hand he went forth to make his little girls' dreams come true.

First we had Hallie's party.

Hallie's friends examining the cake.

Then the following week we had Hanna's birthday party.

Happy Birthday Girls.  I hope that in twenty years, even if you don't remember your Ariel and Cinderella birthday cakes, you will always remember that you have the coolest dad around.

Also, I hope you notice that Hanna is wearing Hallie's birthday crown she got at school.  I love these sisters.


  1. I am very impressed! He takes cake decorating to a new level!

  2. My, my !! How little girls do grow. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all in a couple of weeks. Grandpa Homer.

  3. Wow! I am really impressed. I could NEVER frost a cake like that. I don't think I could even freehand pencil draw something close to resembling the recognizable princesses. He is a cake boss. ;) Is the frosting homemade, too? (And therefore actually tastes good?)

  4. Raw talent for sure!!!! I Love Hallie's hair cut! She looks adorable! :D

  5. LOVE! Still have the picture of the pooh cake they shared with Golden. PS. I think Hazel should wait until Feb to be born (I'm sure you're not thinking that). But I think Heather needs a Feb birthday buddy--she can't be the only non-January birthday--just sayin'.