Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Because of some insurance blah blah blah, I spent the day looking through piles and piles of papers, twice.  As I was going through I kept finding random little drawings that Hallie made for me that at the time I tucked away with all the bills and then they got lumped together.  And as I was searching for this really important piece of paper (that I never found) I was putting some papers in a "throw away" pile, and some in a "to file" pile.  And Hallie's pictures kept ending up in the "throw away" pile, because I get sort of claustrophobic when there is too much "stuff", and I kept thinking, is she really going to care someday about the first picture she drew of a helicopter?  Doubtful...

But then you know, my heart sort of started hurting at the thought of never seeing these random little bits again.  I guess it has been forcefully shoved down my throat that she is not tiny anymore, and that the cute little things she does will fade away until all she is all grown up and spends her time looking for insurance papers and paying bills and telling her children to quiet down so she can hear the man from India on the phone or whatever she'll do when she's grown up.

The problem was, I still didn't want to keep them.  Thankfully, we live in this marvelous digital age, so I cracked open photo booth, took a quick snapshot of each one, and will now upload them to my blog where they will live on and on, and if she wants to see them when she is old and gray and creaking in her rocking chair, she can.  If she never ever wants to, well so be it.

And now, I present to you, some pieces of artwork by Hallie Rose, ranging mostly from ages 3 and 4.

 This was from a coloring book, but I thought she was so clever. When I asked her why she colored it all black, she said, "Because, mommy. He's sleeping. So it is night time, it's dark."
 This one still makes me laugh every time. She said, "Mommy, I'm going to draw a picture of you." And then sometime later, she brought me this, in all sweetness and sincerity. I think it was Mother's day.  If I ever decide to commission a portrait of myself, I know which artist I'm hiring.
 I believe she was trying to draw a mouse.
 She went through a phase where all she drew was houses. This was one of her first.
One time she decided to draw a helicopter. I didn't even know she knew what a helicopter was.  I don't think I could have done a better job, for serious.
Sometimes, she makes me draw something and then she colors it in. This time, she wanted a pig. Then she wanted to write "Rotha" on it.  So I spelled out Rotha for her, and she wrote it. Perfectly the first time.  For some reason she tried to write it again, and all the letters were backward.  So she tried again.  All backward.  She tried a third time and when the "R" came out backward I stopped her.  I pointed out the way I wrote it, and the way she wrote it the first time, and she tried a last time in between his legs there at the bottom.  I don't know what was going on those middle tries...

There you have it, Hallie Rose Artist almost Extraordinaire.


  1. Adorable. Also, digitalization is amazing.

  2. You are one amazing mama. Even on your not so great days you have most the rest of us beat, hands down. You make your own mama glad, I bet. Greetings from China.

  3. Love it. :) Thanks for sharing those drawings! And taking a picture of them is such a good idea. Way faster than scanning.