Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Look Back at Five Years With Hallie

Once upon a time, 
there was a woman 
and the woman was me.  
She lived her life, 
and when she was pregnant 
with her first baby she, who is me, 
looked like this: 

 And I waited for my baby to come, 
nine months I waited, 
and then quite suddenly it seemed 
(after 26 hours of labor) 
she was here.

And then when I wasn't looking, 
she began to grow.

And then one day, 
I'm not even sure how it happened, 
but when I looked at her 
she was no longer my little baby.  
She was all grown up into a little girl.

The next thing I knew, 
she was doing big girl things, 
like riding on roller coasters, and losing teeth.

And that's a look at the past five years with Hallie.
If that weren't enough photos for you, I've put together the following.
These are some of the most classic photos of Hallie, at various ages and stages.


  1. Beautiful little girl!! She is going to do so great this year. :))

  2. Aww, I remember so many of those moments. It makes me sad to think that the next five years could go as quickly as the last five years did. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to be better at reassuring every moment with my children. Jeff and I actually went on a date the other day. I was slow in getting out the door, because I kept giving Jill and the sitters instructions. Finally, Jill looked at me and said, "Mom, you can go now." It seems harder on me to watch them grow up than it is for them to actually grow up. Hallie is going to LOVE school!

  3. Oh no, Amy, this is happening at my house too.

    I can't believe Hallie is this old already. I feel like *I* was just seeing her as a tiny little perfect four-month-old.

    But I am excited to hear about her new adventures!