Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Girl is On Fire

Dear Mimi-
I would have just sent you all of this in an email, but then I thought I would put it in a blog post because sometimes when I stop posting as often as I usually do sometimes people wonder if maybe I am pregnant, and I was feeling kind of sassy today.  See, with this post about nothing important to anyone but you, they will see that I have posted and think, "oh, ok. I guess she isn't pregnant." But then they will see that this post is about nothing important, and they will think, "or maybe she is pregnant and that's why all she can write are these lame posts that mean nothing to anyone but her sister."

Which really isn't very nice to do to people, but as I said, I'm feeling kind of sassy this morning.  Also, if you really do wonder if I am pregnant and this isn't all just a joke, I won't be offended if you ask.

I think you left a pair of Daniel's pants here, his little khaki ones. So you probably need those, right? For Laurie's pictures?  And then it reminded me that we never had Jill try on Hallie's skirt or those capris, so do you want me to just mail them, also, and you can give them back to me in July?

Was Jill super excited to see monster baby in her backpack on the airplane, or was it sort of like, "meh, monster baby. whatevs." ?  I know you and I think he's adorably, ridiculously ugly and cute, but maybe that's just the late nights talking?

I slept really, really well last night - Heather is back in her own room and she slept better as well.  I miss you dearly, and it is all too quiet here, but, and I'm sure you'll agree as you were in your own bed again, sleep is a precious and marvelous thing.

You left just in time, the temperature dropped again like crazy and it's freezing outside.  Literally.  I think they are predicting snow. Again.  It's cool, though, May.  I mean, you were supposed to be all soft and gentle cuz April did her duty and went out like a lamb, but whatevs.

Did Jeff bring you back any souvenirs from Africa?  A lion's tooth that he ripped out himself, or a t-shirt or anything?

Also, I think I finally perfected that braid that I was working on while you were here.  I like it best when it is done like so: the hair is completely wet.  Start the strands in the back, and pull in from the front.   Also also about my hair, I looked at my bottle of shampoo again and it is John Frieda's For Blondes and it says "highlight activating" on it.  So there's that.

I think that's all the news from around here. 

Love you!



Remember when we found these pictures on my computer, and I have no idea how or when my girls took them?  Life's little mysteries...


  1. I love the pictures at the end. Kids are cool when they're not destroying things.

  2. Those pictures are so funny. :)

    Jill was really, really excited to see the monster, and it entertained for her for quite a while on the plane.

    I actually brought the khaki skirt. At least I'm pretty sure I packed it. I haven't unpacked my suitcase yet. And I'm bummed that I left Danny's pants. Thanks. I will need you to mail them.

    You sassy lady!

  3. I like thinking Hannah is getting a hoot out of Hallie's alien look.