Friday, May 31, 2013

Camping in May

I am pretty sure that camping is one of the best things families can do.

 As a side note, little girls in little sunglasses is one of my favorite things, in the world.

 Action shot of Hallie.

 And then Heather kept trying to eat the flashlight, so I guess it was dinner time.

The girls were convinced this tree was going to fall into the lake.  As in, while we were standing there.  Devin wanted to take a picture of them pretending to push it, and they were all excited until it was time to get next to the tree and then they were really squealing, "But it's going to fall over into the lake!"

It did not fall into the lake, of course.  Not yet, anyway.

Also, I was on this camping trip, pinky swear, taking all the pictures.


  1. I see no evidence you were there. I don't believe it.

    Okay okay...I do.

    This reminds me of when we camped in Maine (the summer after) and brad came over and we made videos of us opening cans of beans and shaking our hips. We were so cool! Hahah

    Nice camping spot. Looks fun!

    1. Old Soaker. That's all I'm sayn'

  2. That tree is going down! the girls are totally right.

  3. I can totally picture your girls squealing about the tree falling in. :)

    Let's go camping together sometime, k?

  4. Totally right! Camping is the best! I want to go camping with you!