Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've Got Work To Do

A couple of days ago the family went on an outing to Menards.  Yes, it was about as fun as you're imagining.  Devin agonized for long minutes over every item in the electrical department, trying to figure out if it was what he needed.  Or not.  Or was it?

And finally the girls just couldn't take it any more, and they had been begging me and begging me to go see the Christmas trees.  Menards is a magical place, full of tools and pieces of pipe and lumber, but it also has clothes, and books, and some groceries!  AND in the very center of the store at Christmas time, they set up a huge Christmas display with all the trees and decorations you could ever want for your whole house for your whole life.

And so we went and spent our time there while Daddy scratched his head in electrical.  There was a nativity scene set up, and I said, "Oh look girls! See who is over here!"

They came over and Hanna said, "Oh mommy! It's Mary and Jesus and their baby!!"

Huh.  I guess we have some work to do about that.

Then yesterday I needed to distract them just for two more minutes.  I found this picture and gave it to them and asked them who was on it.  "Mary."  Good, good. "Baby Jesus." Ah, yes. Good. "And the wicked kings."

I looked closer at the picture. "Don't you mean the wise men or the shepherds?" 

"Nope, those are the wicked kings."

In her defense, we've been reading the Old Testament, in the part after Abraham dies when all the kings of the Israelites are wicked.  So...

Yeah, we've got some work to do on clearing up this whole Christmas story for them.


  1. That's hilarious.

    Also, the shepherd in the picture is Jeff's grandpa. In case you wanted to tell her and further confuse her. ;)

  2. Ooo nice background. :) I like it.

    A sweet little girl bore her testimony today about "Joseph Christ." I think confusion is a pretty common trait in youngins.

    Menards does indeed sound like a magical place!

  3. Growing up the Christmas story went something like: Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem; Baby Jesus was born; cows eat Baby Jesus (My parent made the mistake of explaining that a manger is what the cows eat out of and my brother connected some dots).

    1. Hahahahah Hannah, that is hilarious!

  4. Ames, I find it funny how much you guys love Menards. I've been to Menards maybe 3 times in my life. But maybe I just don't remember all of its magic. And evil kings vs. nice wisemen?? Meh. They'll get it someday :)

    1. Admittedly, a large portion of what I said about Menards here is sarcasm, I don't always love it when Devin wants to go as a whole family. I don't really know why he wants us all there, whining, crying, fighting, as he stands there for ten minutes trying to decide between outlet plugs... gotta love the man.

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    4. Sorry, I should have spell-checked the first post.

      I never liked a Menards type store when I had little ones, but now Terry and I spend minutes (turning to hours sometimes) debating ivory and off-white, 6 mil vs. 5.5 mil, brushed bronze or brushed nickel. You get the idea. We finally have a shared hobby, although for him it's more than just a hobby.

      Btw we love Hobby Lobby and Office Max too.

  5. Nick and I always split up at stores if one of us has to do some serious considering. There's always something entertaining to look at for my kids where ever we go -- as long as we can move along when it is no longer entertaining.

    I think my boys think 'Merry Christmas' is 'Mary's Christmas'. Not too bad, though. It sort of is.

    Way to read the old testament with the young ones. Nice tackle.