Sunday, October 9, 2005

fall break - utah

so i am in utah for fall break, as is my custom. it is awesome. i am at mimi's apartment with the best of both worlds - all my muncie peeps AND all my maine peeps. well, ok not all of them, but... the ones that showed up. we went salsa dancing, marc played songs for us on the guitar, we watched wicker park, we played backgammon, (marc beat me twice... dang it) marc made me breakfast this morning, swedish pancakes, amazing, western omelettes, and of course bacon. tomorrow is church, and then i hope to see the odell's, and then hang out with suzie and angie... and then monday i get to see the cannons and melissa and it's been awesome so far. oh we had a party at angie's house too. for all the muncie people. except jon ridge, he had a date. we went over to the roush's, but sister roush is in new york city, so we hung out with the kids for a while and bethie willian who is babysitting and watching the house while tiffany is gone. now marc is going to download the pictures and the movie we recorded of him singing on the guitar onto mimi's computer. it's going to be awesome. more later. love ya'll! amy

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  1. i wonder what happened to chelsea. i can't remember her last name. i wonder if she's on facebook.