Sunday, January 23, 2005

wild world

Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile

well last night was definitely interesting. i went out with nicole burke and we hung out at barnes and noble in the children's section reading childrens books for three hours and then we went to get ice cream. one of the better ways i've ever spent a friday night. at the ice cream place we sat there and talked for another three hours. we were the only people in the place for probably two and a half of those hours, and the man who owns the place just kind of went about his business, casually listening to us talk. when it got time for the place to close, he was mopping up and turning off the lights so we started gathering up our things, and he decided it was his time to talk. now the conversation we had been having had been mostly about me, and whether or not the phrase "you're a playa who don't play." as someone once said about me, is true. (they are both of the opinion that it is...) anyway. the ice cream man decided that he was going to take a break from mopping and tell us about his wife, and this girl that works for him whose boyfriend broke up with her and all that drama and how i was young and there were millions of men out there and i shouldn't worry about any of it anyway. it was perhaps one of the most entertaining and interesting advice i've ever been given, especially since most of it had absolutely nothing to do really with what we were talking about. his final advice to me was this "just dump the guy you're with, he's not worth your time. then find someone who is the exact opposite and start dating him! if he's a brown haired guy, find a redhead." i laughed, and we left. it felt like some sort of really cheesy chick flick. but it was fun to be living in a movie moment. i wish life had more of those sometimes. or maybe less. anyway. good night everyone.

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  1. living in a movie moment. sigh. isn't it weird sometimes to think about our single life?