Monday, January 3, 2005

i can spell purple backwards

oh me oh my. there is way too much to say about this Christmas break, so maybe i should just give highlights.

-jeff butler to visit for a few days in muncie... always a good time.
-the johns aka all my new friends named john, and talking to old friends named john...
-Christmas of course
-having at least one superfluous non family member person hanging out at our house at all times, all day long, every day of break. that's probably my favorite part about being home, there are people at my house all the time. literally.
-New Years Eve
-Dad's birthday, which most people celebrate as New Years. The huge party that ensues. In which everyone we know comes to our house, and we karaoke.
-Driving to Utah in the middle of the night
-Driving through Nebraska... yes it takes about half the trip from Indiana to Utah to get through Nebraska, and yes I did it myself. wahoo.
-Getting to Utah in the middle of the night, stumbling around my sister's place, falling asleep on the couch, waking up to a bird, cat, dog, hedgehog, hamsters, and i'm not sure what else is crawling around over here.
-Jeff Butler time IN UTAH.
-hanging out with friends, new friends, old friends, good friends, lovely.
-driving to airport to pick mimi up and having the car break down in the lot.
-finding a friend (cute cute cute) named eric to jump the car, then to have him jump it again when it dies on our way out of the lot.
-trying to get back to provo, and having the car die again in rose parks salt lake city! (awesome exciting) and finding a mexican repair garage and chillin there until we see
-Chubby and Gordo's Mexican Restaurant and deciding that it was a must.
-and that's where we're at right now.
-oh also. probably having my sternum broke in the car accident i had

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  1. that was a wonderful christmas. except for the totaling gina part.