Sunday, October 2, 2016

Perfect You

This is what I want to say to my girls about their bodies, their body image, their idea of self, their self worth.  This is what I want them to see when they look in the mirror.  This is what I see.

You are perfect, you.

I said, you are perfect.  You.

You are not sure.
You don't believe.
You doubt.

So I say again, you are perfect, you.

You have a heart that feels.
Your heart laughs, laments, and above all, loves.

You have a mind that thinks.
Your mind plots, and plans, and most of all, performs.

You have a soul that, in peaceful quiet moments, remembers.
You have a soul that once walked among the stars.
You have a soul that saw the mountains and ocean and sky called into creation.

You are perfection in embryo - a living, growing work of art whose misplaced brush strokes can be painted over, again and again, reworked into the whole until a masterpiece emerges.

You are perfection in embryo.
I call it like I see it,
and I can see what you will be.

and so I say,

You are perfect, you.


  1. Don't you think that your momma says the same about you?

    1. Yes! That's pretty much where I learned everything, from my amazing momma!