Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hanna Turns Six and I Think

Hanna's birthday was a few weeks ago and in the days since then I have been thinking a lot about her, and life, and have generally been overcome with all kinds of emotion. There is exactly a week between Hallie's birthday and Hanna's and in that gap I went down to Texas to be with my family there and help out any way I could. The juxtaposition of going from a birthday for an eight year old, to spending a week with my dad, aunt and uncle who are all now grandparents, and my grandma who is 95, and then rushing back home for the birthday of a six year old made quite an impression on me. This is what my thoughts looked like:

This is what I do, 
And so I do it. 
Now sure if I am good at it,
I know surely I'm not bad. 
And this is what I do and so I do it. 
Those in my care can be noisy,
and at times might even
to be broken. 
But what I have is mine 
and I will always claim them.
When all of it comes crashing down
and there is more than I can hold
I tell myself once more,
This is what I do
And so I do it. 
I do it not for glory
or acclaim,
and for this job
few will praise my name. 
But this is what I do
And so I do it. 

I love you Hanna, thank you for giving me a job to do every day. Sometimes I think it is too much of a job for me, but then you are always there with open arms, and open heart.  

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