Saturday, March 29, 2014


I am sitting at my computer trying to pay bills and get my music time ready for church tomorrow and answer emails and check facebook and read blogs and whatnot.

Heather is sitting behind me on the couch, drinking her milk and snuggling her blanket.

Hallie and Hanna are making me jewelry.

Out of pipe cleaners.

Then they bring me these beautiful creations and I get to wear them.

 Here you can see Heather on the couch, looks like she has some nice armbands on.  Hallie is behind her at her workstation making more beautiful jewelry.  There you can see Hanna in action as she fashions a ring right onto my finger!

In this picture you can see the finished ring.

I'm thinking we should open up an Etsy shop.  Child labor laws, what?


  1. You look gorgeous, dah-ling. :)

    Pipe cleaners are so fun! Thanks for giving us some.

  2. Way to have industrious kids. It really is a nice ring.

  3. oh the joys of having daughters! i somehow doubt my son will do something like that, but who knows?