Monday, March 2, 2015

The Big Experiment

Yesterday, March 1 we started a big family food experiment.  For the entire month of March we aren't going to go to the grocery store, at all.  We are going to eat what is in our fridge, and freezer, what is in our cupboards and on our shelves for food storage.  We are going to keep records of what we have eaten, and what we wished we had more of at the end of the month.

The girls weren't terribly excited about our plan, Hallie is very sad that the milk will run out and we will have to drink powdered milk, or no milk at all.  But we are excited to see where the gaps are in our food storage, and how long we can actually survive on what we have, and make plans to improve the food we have stored.

Because you just never know, and it will be nice to know.  When March is over we will know.

Updates to come, I'm sure as we get into this thing and start figuring it out.  And suffering because the milk ran out.

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