Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summertime is Learning Time

I know some people also like to do learning activities with their kids in the summer, we've been having a lot of fun doing it this week with Hallie home!  It's so fun to do it with her now that she's been to kindergarten, she likes to tell me how to do it "right".

Here's our schedule:

Monday – Group Reading, Math, Art, Choice Time, Space
Tuesday – Individual Reading, Writing, Music, Choice Time, Animals
Wednesday – Group Reading, Science, Choice Time, Weather
Thursday – Individual Reading, Math, PE, Choice Time, States
Friday – Group Reading, Writing, Computers, Choice Time, Play time

We've already learned the scientific names of their favorite animals: bombus lapidarius, ursus maritimis, and the mighty sylvilagus floridanus.  Now listen, we learned how to pronounce them, not how to spell them.   I am pretty confident that I spelled them right, but I'm not perfect.  Can you guess what animals they are?

Today we also memorized the names of the planets and their order.  But um, I totally stumbled when it came time for the order, it's strange because Planets was my main focus the year I did my student teaching for second grade, and it was at the exact time that the announcement came out about the demotion of Pluto from its planet status, so I assume I must have come up with something else to teach the kids, but I cannot remember what it was.  I still have most of my materials that I made for that, but no where can I find that.  So there I was, telling Hallie how to remember the planets

"Ok, so you just think of My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us... oh, wait. Oh... um."

and she just stared at me and stared at me and stared at me, so feeling pressured I started again without having a plan fully formulated, I had no idea what i was going to say at the end when I got there, but what came out was acceptable, I guess:

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nuggets.  

If I give it more time I might try to come up with something to change the whole ending, maybe My Mother Says Upstairs Now!  Or something like that... 

What do you say for it now? Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, and choice time and play time are essentially the same thing, they get to play with "educational toys" that I never let them play with otherwise.

By educational toys I mean shapes and letter puzzles and whatnot and wheretofor.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I meant to mention that. It isn't like a set time where we sit down and hammer it all out. It's whenever I get a chance that everyone is happy, I'll say, "Ok gang! Now it's science time" or whatever, and then we go do it. So this is more like my "to do" list for the day, the little lessons that I hope to accomplish. The nice thing is with some of them once I get the older ones set and rolling on it, then they are happily entertained and distracted (and learning!) and I can go take care of the little two. But my favorite is when we do them all together, and that works more often than you might think. Granted, with a lot of "Heather, can you sit down again? Ok, Heather don't touch that yet..." but the older girls are (mostly) really patient with her.

  2. you're having too much fun!

  3. Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    And I have no idea how to remember the names of all the planets. I definitely don't know them in their order. I think it is cool that Hallie likes school so much that she wants to play it. Reminds me of us. Awwww.

  4. Wow, is she out of school already? The kids around here are in way until June, poor things. I wonder if I could get my boys to do something like this...? They do like making their own 'experiments' (which is just putting a bunch of things in a cup, filling the cup with water, and sticking it in the freezer. It's amazing what I've been finding in there). They are also really into Bill Nye the Science guy right now and I think they actually learn things. They tell me all about air pressure now, and about lungs and their diaphragms, and simple machines. I haven't done much math though.

    1. Math is so much more than just adding and subtracting, a lot of what Hallie did in kindergarten was patterns, sorting (how are things different, in what ways are they different, in what ways are they the same, how many are there of each kind, etc. - kind of sciency, too), telling time on an analog clock, etc. It's really fun.

  5. How lucky the girls are that their mother is a trained elementary teacher. Look at your schedule, you overachiever. The best part is, I bet your kids are already brilliant having inherited you and Devin's smart genes. You are just furthering the gap between us regulars and the already gifted. Come teach my children the planets?