Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Stuff

I had two posts in mind that I kept wanting to do for Mother's Day this year, but I just couldn't decide which one.

Then last night my sister posted on her blog, and her post was almost exactly what one of them was going to be, so I decided to do my second option.

But, I just really want to do both.  Please forgive me for looking like a copycat, Meems, and I may even steal some of yours that I hadn't intended on using originally. But it's cool, though. It's cool.  I guess all it really means is that my sister and I are a lot alike.

Well, now that I look closer at things, I think I'm just going to steal all of the things from my sister. But just know this, some of them I had planned on using myself before she posted them.  I just won't tell you which ones, or how many of them.  But some of them I thought of on my own, truly.  TRULY. (If you want to see my sister's post, because she also wrote some beautiful words, it's here.)

To Mothers: I Salute The Crap Out of You
This is just plain funny.

Four Ridiculous Reasons Why I'm Grateful For My Mom 
my favorite is the bit about the sandwich. It's so true.

We can do this thing!  Sometimes I think that I was crazy to think I could be a mother, what was I thinking? But then I watch something like this and I tell myself to just get up and do it. Be the mom.

Here, a shout out to my soon to be moms, the pregnant women.

I won't tell you that this video will make YOU cry, I will only say that it made ME cry.  Let's keep these women in our hearts.


  1. Hahahahaha I thought about posting the Power of Moms one, the Studio C one. Ha. I was super impressed with Natalie's rapping. And I am honored at how alike we are—any way I can be more like you, the better! And you're so cool!! You wrote a hashtag on your blog. I thought about writing it that way, because that's, you know, how you're supposed to these days, but then I decided I wasn't cool enough to write a hashtag, because it really still seems like the pound sign to me, like on a rotary phone. Ha. Happy Mother's Day, Ames! I'm so glad we get to be mommies together.

  2. And hey, you didn't actually use everything I used. I did You Put the Music in Me, which you actually introduced me to originally.