Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Was My Email

So my post about Facebook got my sister and brother in law involved, and with them on the hunt I knew they would figure things out for me. And indeed, they did.  The trouble was never with my Facebook - well, some of the troubles obviously were, but Miss Maureen was not.

Miss Maureen was just a spam who found my email address.  I was confused about how she had gotten my email, but I thought she had somehow managed to hack that off the Facebook site just like my pictures and profile.  Thankfully, that wasn't the case, and my security controls really are as tight as I think they are.  I think.  These days, who knows?

The moral here is, that instead of getting rid of my Facebook account I think I will get rid of that email address. It mostly only gets spam these days anyway, and I never use it, so... gonzo!  Good riddance, I say.  It's about time!

I feel free!

Thanks Jeff and Mimi, for all you do to keep me safe on the internets.  I'm like a child on this playground, seriously.

For those who know and care, it was the 14 rose email address that I will no longer be using.

Oh, and sadly, yes. This means I have still never been hit on by a stranger, man or woman.  I mean, it's not like my goal in life is to be whistled at, or have to figure out how to respond to a lame pick up line, but sometimes you wonder what you are missing.  Sort of.


  1. I asked Jeff why people would invent spam to try and get responses, like how it benefits them. And I was right that they just send out random messages to any combination of letters and numbers and words, because when someone responds then they know they have a real address, and then they sell your email address. Apparently.

    And your comment about getting hit on by a stranger. Ha. So the other day, I was pushing the stroller and walking with Jill. I think I may have been with Kyle, too. After a while I turned around to see what was taking Jeff, Kevin, and Daniel so long. Jeff was laughing and told me that a guy I had walked past earlier had smiled at me, and I said hello and smiled, and then after I walked past, the guy TURNED AROUND and stared at my butt! Jeff thought it was really funny, because obviously the guy didn't know the husband was watching. Isn't that weird and random? So who knows? Random strangers might be checking you out all the time. ;)

  2. So apparently on Filipino Cupid there is a profile someone has made of me. They used my info and my pictures. I've been getting a lot of random female Filipino friend requests, and the latest one finally told me why.