Sunday, May 25, 2014


In a sort of frenzy I closed my Facebook account yesterday.

Why?  Well, in the first place, I've been thinking about doing it for a couple of months now. I have sort of been slowly falling out of love with Facebook in general.  I don't like the ads on the side, I don't like the amount of time I waste on it, stuff like that and sometimes it just seems like why? Why do we do this thing called Facebook?

But I kept telling myself that I do it to keep in touch with friends and family, to see what they are up to, and have a nice easy way to contact them when I want to or need to.

I first started getting really frustrated with Facebook when Devin's account was hacked into and no longer belonged to him, but to someone else.  I made him a new account and tried to let people know which account was actually "Devin".

Actually, that's not true. My first problem with Facebook was a few years ago, I began getting messages, three or four every day from women who were completely naked, and the message was nothing but the photo of them naked.  It was irritating, to say the least.  I finally had someone tell me how to block it, and thankfully those have stopped.

Then about a week ago I got an email from a Mr. Rajeev, who told me that he thought I had really cute girls.  Yesterday, I got an email from a Miss Maureen who wanted to find real, true love with me.  She insisted that age and gender don't matter, that distance doesn't matter because love can conquer all.  She told me that she felt she had gotten to know me through my profile and pictures on Facebook.

That was the kicker.  Not because she was hitting on me, although that was strange because I have never once, not once in my life been hit on, but because she claimed she could see my pictures.  I thought that I had the top level of security on who could and could not see my pictures, but I know that I am not friends with anyone named Maureen on Facebook, because I don't actually know anyone named Maureen.  So, if she could see my pictures, then she could see the pictures of my children.  That, on top of the email from the Mr. Rajeev put me over the edge, and I told Devin I was shutting it down.

The final message from the Facebook peoples said that I had 14 days before they would actually finalize the destruction of my Facebook account. If I logged in anytime before then, they would ask me if I was reconsidering, in which case I could have my account back if I wanted it.

I've been thinking about it.  A hundred times a day I will think that I want to get on Facebook to check something, or to say something to someone, or to see how someone is doing.  A hundred times a day I think, "oh yeah, that recipe was on Facebook", or "oh yeah, but Facebook is the only way I have of getting ahold of her, and her, and oh yeah, her too... why don't I have phone numbers or email addresses, or REAL addresses for any of these people?!  Oh right, because Facebook has always been there, and been so convenient, why bother?"

I think about my sister moving all around the world in a few months and I won't get to see all the adorable pictures that she puts up of my nieces and nephew.  I hope she will put some of them on her blog, and I will get to see some of them I am sure when I do manage to visit, but the bulk of the pictures I will miss because I am not on Facebook.

I tell myself that a relationship does not rise and fall based on how many pictures of their life you get to see.  But somehow, it still sort of feels like it does.

I think about how through Facebook I was able to reconnect with my best friend from elementary school, who I haven't seen since 7th grade, and it has been so fun to be in touch with her again, but she is one of those people for whom I have absolutely no other contact information.

I considered letting that old account go, and creating a new account where I didn't post any pictures of my children, and just kept it really simple and basic.  Is it selfish of me to keep a thing like Facebook at the expense of creeps looking at my children?  Except, what if I really could keep my children out of it...

As you can see, I am going back and forth all over the place.  It has been nice, and frustrating not having an account anymore - and it's only been two days.  We'll see if I come back or not. I have twelve days left to decide.

Devin though, is officially done. Don't count on seeing him on there anymore.


  1. Interesting debate. I will definitely still put pictures on my blog or email them to you. So does this mean you are considering making your blog private, too? Also, I would respect and follow through if you asked me to take down any pictures I have up of your kids if that is what you wish. I don't have email addresses or phone numbers for most of the friends I connect with through Facebook. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me that I don't worry about who sees pictures of my kids.

  2. Jeff said that you just halved the amount of likes he had in his life, because he can longer count on your like along with mine on Facebook. He said there is less light in his life too.

    He also said it would be scary to have people make comments about your kids and wants to know if you need help with security controls.