Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear Mom (and Dad)

When I was little, you guys encouraged (made) me keep a scrapbook.  I was told to put all of my important papers in it. 

It is highly amusing to look through, and see what a very young child considered "important".  Some really are special though.  Like this card you painted for me, mom. 

(Please forgive me for using photo booth to take these pictures, our camera has recently decided to cease functioning.)

Then there was the time we pulled over to take our picture outside of Boling, Texas. (I think Texas?)

And the card/picture/wall hanging thing from the Daddy Daughter Dance when I was 9.

Oh, mom, this is important: Peter and Dan have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, May 3, 1990 at 4:15 pm.  Ok? Don't forget.  If you can't make it, I have the phone number right here on this reminder card, you should call and cancel.

I have a letter addressed to me personally from my very first eye doctor, congratulating me on needing glasses and thanking me for choosing them to be my eye care providers.  Poor tiny second grade me, I guess I thought it was cool?

Remember that time I got strep throat in fourth grade and Mrs. Whipple sent home my homework with a note about how she was sorry that I was sick?  Yep, I sure hope I completed math page 205, #1-30, and that I read "The Dancing Man" on page 324.  I'm sure I did, right? She signed the note, "Love, Mrs. Whipple".  She was a really great teacher, wasn't she?

Ah, I have a copy of your wedding invitation.

I have some pictures of the sports teams from when  Dad was our coach.  I also have two copies of a different sports picture, but there isn't one single person in it that I recognize.  That's actually kind of creepy.

This note was tucked in a page, "I drew these pictures at Stake Conference.  Dad took me to turn off the lights of our car.  But he said he was taking me to the bathroom."

Yeah, I laughed out loud at that one.

And it looks like I threw a few things into the scrapbook from my later years.

Alison's baptism program, looking through the list of names of who did what that day brings all sorts of feelings of nostalgia to the surface.  Oh, Muncie.

But then there's this, possibly the most classic thing of all. I didn't know I had a copy.  This was the picture on the front page of the newspaper one cold, cold day in November my freshman year of high school.  It is completely stuck to the glossy page, I can't remove it. 

 There we go, I think this one is better:

Now, that's a story for another time. 

And while going through a different set of papers while cleaning out the basement, I found our amortization schedule, and we are six years ahead on our mortgage.  That feels pretty good.


  1. I LOVE making an appearence in other people's blog posts. Yessss! And that story of you sitting outside of MCHS is still classic after all these years. That, and the newspaper articles of Amy Boling (police officer) who regularly made the paper. Haha

  2. When I got to the newspaper article I had to laugh... Love you.

  3. Somehow even though I'm not a Muncie kid I know about that newspaper article and the story that goes with it! My mom has scrapbooks of a lot of my things and it is pretty fun.

  4. Ha ha, the Nick comment was Nicole.

  5. Love it. I have those same kinds of scrapbooks. I have looked through mine a bit recently, because Alice keeps pulling them off the shelves. Ooooh that newspaper story!

  6. I had forgotten the card. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for keeping a scrapbook. You were a memorable child.