Friday, March 7, 2014

A Nickname For You

Some of you know that around here we have all been given nicknames.  Hallie came up with most of them:

Hallie - Pink in the Pink in the Panther
Hanna - Baby with a Swoosh in Her Hair
Heather - Baby Baked Cookie
Hazel - Hazelnut Sunshine Berries
Amy - Sweet Hot Pumpkin Pie
Devin - Gum

I also have a tendency to come up with my own random nicknames for my girls.  The other day I was thinking, why limit it to my family?  Maybe there are others out there who would like to have a Rose Family nickname.  To help out, I've created one of those things where you figure out what your name would be, you know, like you see on Facebook all the time.  I'd love to hear what your name is, leave it in the comments!  I'm so excited to see what your new Rose-ified nickname will be.

Other nicknames include* :
Kisses in the Rain
Sunshine Sparkles
Gooseling (like "gosling", except I say it wrong, purposefully)
Mr. Graham Sandwich Pants

* (these are real.)
** Hanna started calling Hazel this one day, and obviously I didn't like it, so I told her to stop.  She eventually did, but not before Heather started calling her that, and Heather has not stopped.  She doesn't get it, she just thinks it is funny because Hanna gets upset now when she says it to Hazel.  I don't love it.

I'm so excited to see what your nicknames are!!


  1. Sunshine blueberry with rain-kisses. (My favorite color is peacock blue, so I figured that was kindof blue/green.) This was really fun, Ames. Nice work. I figure at some point my name would be shortened to suhburk, which is fitting considering my maiden name.

  2. Sunshine hazelnut in the kisses, or sunshine pumpkin in the kisses. I like the one for Betsy.

  3. Baked Gum in the Goose... which is a bit odd. I mean, who bakes gum?

  4. Swoosh blueberry in the rain.

    Gah! I have tried to comment on your blog so many times. My kindle was having trouble letting me, and then we haven't had internet since we moved into the apartment on Thursday morning. I'm at a friend's house now.

    I love the nicknames.

  5. I like Al's. I wish I could be 'baked pie in the goose" or 'sweet muffin in the duck.'

  6. Baked gum with baby? I feel jipped...