Saturday, December 14, 2013

The David Jonathon Giveaway

I've had these clothes sitting on my desk, waiting for this moment, for... two months?

Blah blah blah, I hadn't done it yet, all the reasons why, but I've gotten over it now and it's time.

This year, seeing as how one of the reasons is that I have less energy than I usually do, I'm not going to do the giveaway all in one lump.  I'll do it piece by piece, maybe kind of a 12 days of Christmas thing.

Sort of.

We'll start with the David Jonathon Giveaway.  Back in August, Devin and I were picking up a few things for baby, but since this was before we knew if it was boy or girl, we were just grabbing girl things, on instinct.  And then Devin said, "But what if... it is a boy?" and we stopped and stared at each other, and then Devin said, "Do you think it would jinx us to get just a few boy things?"

And we laughed, because we don't believe in things like jinxes.  We still don't, but it has been, all the reasons I haven't done this yet, but I'm over it now and so if you have the same taste in little boy clothes that I apparently have, well, you know what to do.  Tell me in the comments which one you'd like.  Or go for all three!  It's Christmas!

 Size newborn, Just One Year by Carters, it has two dinosaurs hugging, and it says "Mommy's Snuggle-SAURUS. 

This one... doesn't have a size?  I would guess 2T or 3T, but what do I know about the size of boys?  Definitely toddler though.  Obviously it is a tiny sports coat, complete with suede elbow patches.  The deal with this one is, please, if you get it, send me a picture of your little guy wearing it, please?  This one hurts the most, really.  The tag on the coat says "Jonathon Strong".

Red and blue striped sweater, Chaps.  It says size 4.

Good luck, and more things to Give Away to come, so stay tuned.

This Giveaway will close day after Christmas. December 26th.


  1. I'll enter :) The first one (newborn) I would give to my sis-in-law who found out she is having a boy after two girls. The sport coat would look dashing on my little Trent.

  2. That suit coat…is pretty awesome!

  3. Andrew and Kate are having a boy if you have any more newborn boy clothes.

  4. I'll enter for the sports coat and the sweater.

    Mommy's snuggle-saurus makes me want to cry.

    It is amazing how it is possible to be sad and happy at the same time. I'm so happy that you're having Hazel and so sad you're not having David Jonathan, but if you were having David Jonathan, I would feel sad for Hazel. It's good we don't have any control over deciding these things.