Friday, December 20, 2013

Deal Breaker

My girls watched this music video on October 7, 2013.   That was... you know, a while ago.

That was the only time they ever watched it.

They still walk around the house singing it.

Now that's a catchy tune.

It still makes me laugh every time I watch it, too.  And I've watched it many times since then.

Because it makes me laugh.


  1. This is only the second time I've seen this video (the first time was when you posted it before on facebook or something) and I think it gets funnier the more I see it. lol

  2. I find this song stuck in my head quite frequently. Usually just "deal breaker" or "YOLO" or "girl stop makin' that a thing." And I love that Whitney and stephen are married in real life.

  3. I guess it just goes to show that things with a catchy beat catch on!