Monday, November 11, 2013

Good Songs People Wrote

My friend Nick Empey is a musician.  We first met back in high school, and he performed at a talent show at EFY, which is kind of like Mormon summer camp, sort of.  I don't know.  Anyway, as a person without any talent at all, I was so impressed that he actually knew how to do cool things.

He sent me a copy of his cd after we had gone back home and resumed normal life and whatnot and then we found out we were both going to Purdue when we graduated, and it was such a relief to know that I would know someone at that big school so far away.

It was a long, tedious 2 hours from my home, and so I could only make the trip like twice a week.

At school, he realized that I was even crazier than he could have guessed, but there was a group of us that had good times, many many good times.  And one of the girls in the group, who would become one of my life long best friends of all time because she's the coolest, let him fall in love with her.

And now they have this little pack of kids who are just adorable, and they wrote the lyrics to this song, and Nick put it to music.  You should really listen and enjoy, and then like his page on Facebook, too.

I'll Be Right Back

hungry hungry caterpillar hanging out with mr. miller
foxes in heaven falling in love
you can do anything you do
you can't do anything you can't do
dancing cat with dancing cow

you can eat breakfast and not sing ho ho ho
up and down and all around like the letter O
i know what a pencil looks like
i will be right back

itsy bitsy spider has a pencil in his hand
caterpillars like eating envelopes or parts of them
move the bubbles out da way
oh, lovely lovely lovely day
that's where me and rubber duck will stay

you can eat breakfast...

Awesome, am I right? I'm told there is a music video in the works.  I am holding my breath for that.  It makes the baby uncomfortable, but I am holding my breath anyway.

Then have you heard about this song, Oh Sweet Lorraine?  Apparently some radio station hosted a contest to see who could send in the best original lyrics, and this 96 year old man won the contest with lyrics that he wrote about his deceased wife and the life they had together.  You can watch a video of Fred hearing his song for the first time, here.  It was number 7 on itunes when it was first released.

Way to go, Fred!  I know I bought it.  Because also, did I mention, Fred is from PEORIA.  How could I not buy it?


  1. I bought the Sweet Lorraine song, too! I love it. :) It makes me all happy and sad at the same time.

    And I really enjoyed Nick's song. His kids must think he's the coolest rock star. I had forgotten you met him at EFY before Purdue.

  2. That is the sweetest old man ever. What an beautiful example of love, real love.