Monday, August 26, 2013

Boy Or Girl?

Four weeks left for me, folks.   I have friends and family all over finding out right and left:
Boy!  Congratulations!  Girl!  Congratulations!

People keep asking me if I'm hoping for a boy.  Hoping is the wrong word.  More like "scared".  But it really would be an exciting adventure, and I would finally get to use my boy name.

Mostly I think I'll just feel sorry for him if it is a boy though.   I tell myself that there are millions of boys around the world that grew up with only sisters, and they turned out perfectly fine.  I just feel like he'd be lonely.  He'd be the baby, and the boy.  And he would always have a crush on Hallie and Hanna and Heather's friends, and they would always be laughing at him.

He would be strikingly handsome though, I do know that.

People also ask me if I feel like I'm going to have a girl, because I always refer to the baby in the feminine.  But that's really just because that's the only gender my mind recognizes anymore in speech.  When talking to my sister, I always ask her if her "girls" are ready, and she politely reminds me, "I have a son, too." Right, right.  Boys.  Some people have those.  Another reason to feel sad for this kid if it's a boy. How many years will it take me to call him a "he"?

I mean, I never ever say "I'll have to bring my children." Or, "could you watch my children".  It's always "girls." Girls Girls Girls.

Not to mention it would be way cheaper if it were a girl.  And I do have a girl name I'm fond of and would be happy to use, provided Devin and I can reconcile our spelling preference differences.  We have always had that struggle with girl names.

So, boy or girl? I have no idea.  But I will in four weeks!  What do you think?  Cast your vote in my poll over on the right.  Up top, on the right hand side. See it? Yeah, right there.

I hope you have a great week!


  1. Can I vote twice? I have 2 opinions. I won't tell you what my 2 votes are. You will just have to be surprised. One of my votes will be right! I am really sure of my accuracy.

  2. Your son would definitely be strikingly handsome and unbelievably sweet!

    If you have a David Jonathan instead of a Hazel, I wonder if I will be able to call him "Dave" or "Davey." I have been thinking of him as "David Jonathan" for such a long time; I don't know if I will shorten it!

  3. I didn't know about this!! But congratulations! I am so excited for you!!