Monday, November 8, 2004

Hidalgo, Seabiscuit, and etc.

I tried to find that quote from Hidalgo but alas, i failed. sorry. i will try again another time i am sure. and i will succeed. we talked about failure in my educational psychology class today, interesting stuff. i had spaghetti-os for dinner tonight. hm hm good. i have a song stuck in my head. it is simple plan's "i'd do anything" and i am pretty excited about it. but. i was reading jimmy eat world lyrics online today, because i am researching the band so when i say whether or not i like them it is based on a real understanding and not just ignorance. i have pretty much decided that if i ever understood what they were referring to in their music i might like them, but it seems to be way over my head or something because i just don't get it, and it's really important to me to relate to the music i am listening to. but there was one song that caught my attention and amused me. the lyrics are as follows:

I don't want to be up on a Friday night,
but I don't want to be there up on a Saturday night.
I don't want to be up on a Friday night,
but I don't want to be there up on a Saturday night.
I don't want to be up on a Friday night,
I don't want to be there.
When It's over when I'm starving, could it be yanked out of your hand.
Yep I'm the guy, all that you've seen and heard.
What about yourself now?
You're just the girl next door.
So now you're waiting to find out that it's something.
Wishing, to get your face up anyway.
Give it up dish it out now take it back now lift it up, turn it back now one more.
When it's over when I'm starving.
Take your hand to rest with your head.
Yep I'm the guy, all that you've done and seen.
Laying on the floor at 6:30 and you're here.
Say you want it so, so.
Just say it right you want me.

so i really have no idea what the song is supposed to be about, but i like to adapt music to fit me, and this one is highly entertaining taken that way. how it applies to my life that is. well it doesn't really apply, but you tweak and twist it and then it does. so get excited. i am so excited for christmas. we started practicing the music for christmas time to get ready and it's gonna be awesome. wicked awesome. no i am not from boston, but thanks for asking. alright. geography for reals now. nicole - get back to work!

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