Wednesday, October 20, 2004

blah blah blah

so if you guys want to read more entertaining boling-ness read my brother Peter and my sister Mimi's (Michelle's) blogs too:

and now for me. well i am not up to much. of course it is midnight and i haven't started my homework yet, but at least i know what it is for tomorrow, so i guess technically i am ahead of schedule for me.

haha. wow. i am a mess. it's true. alright guys. it's that time again. tell me what you think about this little poem:

a Fountain in a Field
a Star in a Sky
me in my metro
reality is
the Fountain a sprinkler
the Star a ball of gas
me. well. just a girl
the sprinkler wants to be a Fountain
the ball of gas wants to be a bright Star
me. well. i want to be
everything to you
that you are to me...

but i'm not.
me. well. i'm just a girl.
the Fountain, just a sprinkler
the Star, just a ball of gas
and we are still

thoughts on this? i think it is interesting to think about. anyway. i am going to go do my case study now... maybe. good night!

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